The Emerald City of Oz

Times are tough in Kansas, forcing Dorothy, Aunt Em, and Uncle Henry to move to Oz. But while Dorothy gives her aunt and uncle the grand tour, the Nome King makes plans to retrieve his magic belt from Ozma. Amazon/Audible • iTunes • Not a member of Audible? Click here.

A Christmas Collection

A collection of Christmas radio plays by Mike Murphy Six heartwarming tales celebrating the festive season performed by members of The Online Stage. Featuring the voices of John Burlinson, Joe Tabler, Elizabeth Chambers, David Prickett, Michele Eaton, Brett Downey, Leanne Yau, Tovarisch, Rebecca Thomas, Becca Maggie, K. G.Cross, Ben Lindsey-Clark, Jeff Moon, Denis Daly, Libby…

Anne of Avonlea: Anne of Green Gables, Book 2

Anne has delayed her college ambitions to stay with Marilla at Green Gables after Matthew’s passing. But when Marilla takes in a pair of twins, Anne must juggle her responsibilities at home, at Avonlea School, and at the local improvers’ society. She rises to the occasion and meets a favorite author and new kindred spirits…


Penelope A comedy in three acts In this elegant comedy of manners, Penelope O’Farrell discovers that her husband has been having an affair with an attractive married woman. Instead of lapsing into despair, she decides to employ some cunning strategies to save her marriage. Cast Penelope O’Farrell – Amanda Friday Dr. O’Farrell (Dickie) – Jeff…


The predominant theme in this Shakespearean tragedy, believed to have been written in about 1603, is jealousy and the destruction it causes when allowed to run rampant. It features one of Shakespeare’s most compelling villains, Iago, who skillfully manipulates his commander, Othello, into believing that he has been betrayed by his wife, Desdemona, and his…

Through the Looking Glass

Alice passes through the looking-glass into Wonderland, only to become a pawn in a chess game between the Red Queen and the White Queen. Amazon/Audible • iTunes • Not a member of Audible? Click here.

The Road to Oz

Dorothy travels to the Emerald City with new friends the Shaggy man, Button-Bright, and Polychrome, with requests for invitations to Princess Ozma’s birthday party. Among the party’s guests are some familiar faces, including Santa Claus. Amazon/Audible • iTunes • Not a member of Audible? Click here.

Anne of Green Gables

When Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert send for an orphan boy to help around the farm, they get chatty, imaginative Anne Shirley instead. But Anne’s warmth and determination soon brighten life in the town of Avonlea. Amazon/Audible • iTunes • Not a member of Audible? Click here.