The predominant theme in this Shakespearean tragedy, believed to have been written in about 1603, is jealousy and the destruction it causes when allowed to run rampant. It features one of Shakespeare’s most compelling villains, Iago, who skillfully manipulates his commander, Othello, into believing that he has been betrayed by his wife, Desdemona, and his…


At the center of each of the four great Shakespearean tragedies – Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, and Othello – is a powerful figure who is led to destruction by a fatal character flaw. In the case of Macbeth it is ambition. Initially a valiant warrior and staunch servant of his regal overlord Duncan, Macbeth succumbs…

The Apology of Socrates

Socrates, at 70+ years of age, defends himself against charges of corrupting the youth of Athens, atheism, and other false claims before accepting his fate and starting his final days on Earth. Amazon/Audible • iTunes • Not a member of Audible? Click here.

The Return of Cosmo Draper

Dreaming of days of yore, Tim Porter organizes the return of Cosmo Draper, the town’s favorite mayor. Only trouble is, Cosmo’s been dead for years, right? Amazon/Audible • iTunes • Not a member of Audible? Click here.