Miss Brill

Katherine Mansfield accomplishes an incredible drama with detailed characterization in “Miss Brill”, a story only four pages long, written in the early 1920’s. The main character is a lonely spinster, probably an elderly Englishwoman, living in a resort area of France near the seashore, earning enough to support herself by tutoring English children and reading the newspapers to an old invalid whose ability to hear and comprehend are questionable. She sits on a bench at the park and creates fantasy scenarios involving the people around her, enhanced by her eavesdropping skills. The simple plot is enriched with symbolism, word selection, and limited omniscient point of view, and emerges as a masterwork. Ann M. Richardson is an Audible-approved narrator, who has worked with many publishers including Oasis Audio, Harper Audio, PostHypnotic Press, and Audible. Her clear narration style and empathetic delivery put the listener right inside the story with the characters.

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