The Mirror of Cagliostro

Award-winning narrator Mike Vendetti takes us into The Mirror of Calgiostro, where evil has resided for over 300 years.

A beautiful woman from the 18th century – not dead, yet not alive – lures the spirit of Harry Langham, a 20th-century man, into the mirror with her stunning beauty. This allows Cagliostro, an evil and ancient sorcerer, to inhabit Harry’s body. Calgiostro is a serial killer who practices his sick hobby until he is nearly caught and then goes back to the mirror, releasing the soul he was holding in the mirror to the soul’s body, to face the consequences of Calgiostro’s actions. Oh, and the horrified soul in the mirror is aware of everything the evil Calgiostro does, even to the point of seducing Harry’s fiancé.

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