Emma McChesney & Co.

In this final book of Pulitzer Prize-winner Edna Ferber’s series featuring the indomitable Emma McChesney, Emma’s newly married son Jock has relocated to Chicago, leaving Emma an empty-nester. Her secret romance and pending nuptials stall when their company is thrown into an uproar at the height of the selling season. To defeat her long-time nemesis and take the T.A. Buck Featherloom Petticoat Company international, the always-competitive Emma sails off on a whirlwind tour of South America, while T.A. takes his first sales trip into her old stomping ground, the midwest.

Returning to NYC, Emma is faced with worrying changes in T.A. and fashion trends forcing lingerie manufacturers into bankruptcy. Against the backdrop of the progressive political movements of the early 20th century, Emma and T.A. must pull together if they are to rebrand their business and build a life together.

Fans of the series’ previous volumes, Roast Beef Medium and Personality Plus, will find Emma McChesney & Co. filled with Ferber’s trademark razor-sharp wit and humorous observations highlighting society’s foibles.

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