The Invisible Man

What would it be like to be invisible? What would you do? What if you couldn’t change back?

Griffin, an albino, unlikable, the most gifted physicist the world has ever seen, works himself almost to madness in his quest for invisibility. Once he succeeds, he does not care for it as much as he expected to.

Cold, jostled by strangers, attacked by dogs – unable even to eat without becoming visible – he looks for a place to hide where he can discover a way to return to normal. Crazed by overwork and frustration, he cannot understand why no-one will help him.

He comes to the conclusion that invisibility is good for only one thing – for killing.

H. G. Wells’ classic is well-known as an adventure: perhaps less expected is the humor and the comic characters, such as Mister Thomas Marvel – “not one of yer ignorant tramps.”

The Invisible Man is, even today, a thrilling yarn, full of fun, suspense, pathos, and tragedy. As Marvel would say – “If that don’t beat cock fightin’!”

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