Tarzan of the Apes

This book was an instant best-seller and became (and remains to this day) an international sensation, much like Harry Potter today. The story of the infant son of an English Lord and Lady marooned on the coast of Africa made its author famous and wealthy. Adopted by the she-ape, Kala, Tarzan becomes a “mighty hunter, mighty fighter” – the first superhero in American literature.
This audiobook presents the original, uncensored 1914 McClurg first edition text. Most versions of this book on the market today use an altered, politically correct text that was released in 1966.The narrator is David Stifel, “That Burroughs Guy”, who hosted “The Fantastic Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs”, a six-year podcast of Burroughs’s books serialized a few chapters at a time. Mr. Stifel has narrated over 20 titles by ERB, and has contributed to several popular academic studies of Mr. Burroughs.

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