The Phoenix and the Carpet

The Phoenix and the Carpet by Edith Nesbit, presented by the Online Stage, narrated by Cate Barratt.
In The Phoenix and the Carpet, five adventurous children are given a carpet that, unknown by their parents, contains a magic egg that hatches into a phoenix. A series of escapades ensues, some amusing, others dangerous, and all of which are entertaining.
Jane – Charlotte Duckett
Anthea – Libby Stephenson
Cyril – Amanda Friday
Robert – Becca Maggie
The Phoenix – Ben Lindsey-Clark
Mother – Elizabeth Klett
Father – Peter Tucker
The Lamb and Henri – Ollie and Izzy Lindsey-Clark
Cook, French Lady, and Crowd Voice – Jennifer Fournier
Eliza, Miss Peasmarsh, and Crowd Voice – Leanne Yau
Indian Queen and Miss Amelia – K. G. Cross
Mrs Biddle – Linda Barrans
Miss Selina – Carol Box
Burglar and Porter – David Prickett
Rev. Blenkinsop and Clerk – Alan Weyman
Urb, Carpet Seller, Curate, and Theatre Attendant – Brett Downey
Ike, Islander, Indian, Uncle Reginald, and Crowd Voice – John Burlinson
This text was published in 1904 and is in the public domain.

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