Exit Betty

Soon-to-be heiress Betty Stanhope is a runaway bride, but not for the usual reasons – she didn’t flee because of a change of heart. Reluctant about the wedding at the outset, the dutiful Betty reaches the altar to find that her groom is a different man altogether and someone she’s dreaded most of her life! Before the wedding can proceed, she is taken to a room to recover from her fainting spell. She finds a way to escape and has the good fortune to happen upon a quick-witted factory girl, Jane Carson, who bundles Betty, frothy wedding gown and all, to her room. They hatch a plan to move Betty to Jane’s family in the country.
Living with the impoverished Carsons teaches Betty many things: love of family, love of God, and the importance of standing up for herself. When her would-be groom advertises a $5,000 reward for her recovery, the wheels of good and evil are set in motion, and the chase is on!

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