The Automaton’s Wife: Society for Paranormals, Book 2

Jane Austen meets Lara Croft.
Beatrice Knight has enough to contend with: A zebra is dead on her lawn, her horse is possessed, and a gentleman has arrived with the temerity to propose to her. To top it off, her dead husband, Gideon, has absconded with an automaton, threatening to return for his wife. The wife in question, however, soon has other issues, for a killer has moved into town with a nasty habit of carving up the victims. As luck should dictate, who should be the next target but Mrs. Knight herself?
The Automaton’s Wife is the second case in Society for Paranormals, in which a paranormal detective refuses to let danger, death, and unwanted suitors inconvenience her in the small town of Nairobi. Welcome to a cozy mystery series concerning Victorian etiquette, African mythology, and the search for a perfect spot of tea. If you enjoy historical mysteries, adore Victorian steampunk, appreciate British humor, or would love to experience adventure in colonial Africa, download The Automaton’s Wife to start your supernatural safari now.
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