Wear Your Life Well: Lessons on the Journey to Your Truest Self

Wear Your Life Well: Lessons on the Journey to Your Truest Self is both a how-to and a why-not book of life lessons described in 42 epiphany-encouraging stories to help you become the woman you were meant to be. Helene Oseen shares slice-of-life stuff through intimate stories, reflections, and musings of self-discovery inspired by stories of her family’s past, her own difficult times, and the joy she has fashioned for herself. Helene’s stories reflect the common experience of women on their lifelong journey to stay true to themselves as they handle roles, responsibilities, and life’s not-so-fun surprises with grace and gumption.
Consider Helene your therapist – your fashion therapist – as she challenges you to adopt a nurturing attitude, affirming your substance and style. She reminds you that you don’t need to look perfect or lead a perfect life to claim your confidence and your courage and see the possibilities in your life in a whole new way.
Helene Oseen is an ambassador for women. She encourages women on their lifelong journey to learn, transform and expand life’s experiences in the pursuit of happiness – and that perfect outfit. As a style expert, speaker, and author, she dispenses both wisdom and wardrobe advice in her always-true-to-the-female-experience way.

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