North of Boston

North of Boston, first published in 1914, was Robert Frost’s second collection of poetry. Many of the poems take the form of conversations and hence are very suitable for presentation in a dramatic format.
“The Pasture”
“Mending Wall”
“The Death of the Hired Man”
“The Mountain”
“A Hundred Collars”
“Home Burial”
“The Black Cottage”
“A Servant to Servants”
“After Apple-Picking”
“The Code”
“The Generations of Men”
“The Housekeeper”
“The Fear”
“The Self-Seeker ”
“The Wood-Pile”
“Good Hours”
Featuring the voices of Ben Stevens, Russell Gold, Andy Harrington, John Burlinson, and Jennifer Fournier. Audio edited by Denis Daly.

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