Franz Kafka was one of the first and greatest masters of dystopian literature. In his bleak world view, man is presented as helpless and ineffectual, his destiny determined by distant, obscure and essentially unfriendly agencies. In none of his works is this savage and unreasoning enslavement presented more vividly than in Metamorphosis, a novella in which Gregor Samsa, a respectable employee and dutiful son, wakes to find himself transformed into a gigantic insect. With dispassionate clarity, Kafka charts the ensuing events, during which Gregor’s terrible situation evokes horror, sympathy, annoyance, grim humor and finally disregard from those around him.
Cast Gregor Samsa – Glenn Hascall; Mrs. Samsa – Linda Barrans; Mr. Samsa – Ron Altman; Grete Samsa – Amanda Friday; The Manager – Alan Weyman; The Cleaning Woman – K.G.Cross; The Middle Lodger – Richard Andrews; Narrator – Leanne Yau.
Original text in German first published in 1915 as Die Verwandlung. English translation 2003 by Ian Johnston, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada, who placed the text in the public domain. The Online Stage would like to express its appreciation to the translator. Music – Excerpts from String Quartet, Opus 54, by Paul Graener, performed by Steve’s Bedroom Band. Recording released by Musopen.

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