The Shadow Out of Time

Another H. P. Lovecraft masterpiece. We have all heard of alien abductions, but what if the alien forces only exchange the mind of the abductee with a mind to occupy that of the abductee’s body while the mind travels in the body of an alien to be mined for information concerning the abductee’s world? The mind then travels to a place in the earth where it mingles with not only with the aliens, but minds from other planets and other ages on this Earth. Prof. Nathaniel Wingate Peasley’s mind goes on such an adventure, being abducted in the middle of an economics class Prof. Peasley is instructing. The sanitizing of Prof. Peasley’s mind was apparently incomplete as he has fantastic dreams that become more and more real and maddening. Travel along as Lovecraft takes us to the deserts of Australia where the great underground city of the Yithians is discovered by Prof. Peasley and his party. Now will the Yithians remain dormant? Let’s hope so!

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