The Girl from Montana

Elizabeth is utterly alone in her Montana cabin, shocked by the sudden, brutal death of her brother, the last of her family. His killer has threatened to return and claim her, and she has only one thought: to flee across country to the East and search for relatives she has never known. With the villain and his gang in pursuit, she rides across perilous terrain, encountering those who help her and those who, in their own way, are just as dangerous as the men she is fleeing. Along the way she meets a kind man who is trying to find his own escape, and a church group that teaches her more about the Lord to whom she prays.
Grace Livingston Hill has created a strong-willed heroine who faces every misfortune with poise and fortitude. Elizabeth discovers that life in Philadelphia has challenges that require as much resilience as her cross-country trek. Will her grandmothers, aunt, and cousin accept her, and will she be able to conform to their ideas of proper social behavior? The girl from the mountains has her own standards, and they are not always compatible with high (or low) society….

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