Australian Ballads

In the introduction, anthologist Douglas Sladen stated that the purpose of this collection was “to lay before the English public a selection of poems inspired by life and scenery in Australia”. He further comments, “This volume is essentially the work of people who have meditated in the open air and not under the lamp; and if its contents oftentimes want the polish that comes only with much midnight oil, they are mostly a transcript from earth and sea and sky, and not from books.”

The poets represented in this recording are Henry Kendall, Mrs. J.G. Wilson (Austral), Mrs. Hubert Heron (Australie), Adam Lindsay Gordon, Charles Harpur, Jennings Carmichael, Alfred T. Chandler, Mowbray Morris, George Gordon McCrae, Lindsay Duncan, William Sharp, Keighley Goodchild, Frances Lewin, Thomas Heney, Douglas Sladen, Philip J. Holdsworth, Frances Tyrell Gill, Walter Smith, Agnes Neale, E. G. Millard, J. Brunton Stephens, A. C. Smith, Charles Allan Sherard, Arthur Patchett Martin, and Garnet Walch.

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