The Green Odyssey

The Green OdysseyAlan Green, space-wrecked on a populated but backward planet, has survived for two years as a slave with no hope of rescue. Then, one day, news of spacemen landing in a remote city gives him his only chance of ever returning home. All he has to do is escape slavery, travel thousands of miles, free the spacers from prison before they are executed, and get aboard their spaceship.

Philip Jose’ Farmer’s first full-length novel, The Green Odyssey, is an uproarious, hell-bent adventure story combining fantasy, imagination, and science with a liberal dash of humor. It is in the best tradition of adventure science fiction, a swashbuckling tale of a resourceful spaceman who is, however, uneasily aware that he may have been miscast. Fortunately, he has the assistance of a large, gorgeous, energetic, and adoring female who is supremely confident of his ability to handle all comers. With her help, that is.

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