The Art of War: Three Complete Audiobook Set

61IFIZxpkvL._SL300_The wisdom of Sun Tzu, narrated by Peter Berkrot, Marlon Braccia, and Mike Vendetti. Thought to have been written over 3,000 years ago, this missive has been included as a course of study by the US Marine Corps and military academies. These precepts have destroyed nations and built business empires. An executive, a general, a congressman, a businessperson – or anybody just wanting to get ahead – should listen to this at least once a month. This is a three-audiobook set, with each version the complete audiobook but with a separate narrator. Since The Art of War has become a motivational and self-help text, multiple listenings are encouraged. The listener can choose to listen to Peter Berkrot’s tenor, the lovely female voice of Marlon Bracciaa, or Mike Vendetti’s soothing baritone.

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